Undercover Operations

Shadow offers undercover operations to our clients in order to assess suspicious activities and inefficiencies in the work place. Through our investigations we determine if there are instances of theft/embezzlement, sexual harassment, substance abuse problems or corporate espionage such as intellectual property theft.

Computer and Smart Phone Forensics

Shadow Investigations has proven experience in discovering any electronic paper trail of accountability in the realm of computer forensics. Our team is fully trained in how to discover data that has been altered and erased in order to benefit the perpetrator of a crime. Data analyzing and sifting can also be applied to disseminate what are the key portions in a massive quantity of information. Our reports can be used to create and or illuminate:

  • Recovery of deleted images
  • Timeline of events
  • Statement and Communications Records
  • Use of malicious software
  • File Modifications
  • Compromises to Internet and Remote Access Points

Electronic Bug Sweeps

High-tech espionage is a fact in today’s world. More than ever companies need to protect their intellectual property from ruthless competitors seeking to gain any advantage. Shadow Investigations has a thorough examination method to sweep any location and detect the presence of transmitting devices, be they audio or video. Irregularities in power, telephone and cable lines are also noted and investigated.

As well as using electronic inspection methods our investigators will also look for telltale signs of physical tampering in the walls, ceiling, furniture and accessories of the location. All communication paths will be closely examined to ensure that they are not conveying proprietary information from the inspected area. Even if you don’t believe that you are being bugged right now, Shadow will deliver a detailed report telling you where your gaps are and how to plug them before anything suspect can happen. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Teen Activity Checks

If you are concerned that your teen is heading down the wrong path, Shadow Investigations is here to help. We conduct discreet surveillance investigations that provide you with insight into what is happening in your child’s life. We gather intelligence about your child, their associates, and their activities or lifestyle. From our investigations you are able to determine the next steps that you can take to ensure the safety of your child, protecting their future and your relationship with them.

Witness Interviews

Shadow Investigations provides detailed and accurate witness interviews to support or expose litigation claims. Our attention to detail makes us successful in tracking down witnesses and through our experience we are adept at persuading witnesses to come forward and provide support to your litigations. We ascertain the effectiveness and viability of witnesses. In doing so our interviewers uncover motivations and the information needed to best serve your firm in building its case. Shadow Investigations also provides the expertise to assess the strengths or weaknesses in witnesses that are in support of the opposition. The highest quality intelligence is essential in determining the best strategy for your client, allow Shadow Investigation to provide your firm the support it needs. Contact us today to get started