Computer Forensics & Cheating

The world is, unfortunately, becoming an increasingly untrustworthy place. Certain technology has made cheating easier…

The suspicion that your significant other may be unfaithful to your relationship can destroy your peace of mind. Shadow Investigations offers special forensic services to individuals in and around Vancouver who want answers before they decide how to carry on with their lives.

Private investigation of a possible cheater often turns up enough answers for our clients. These include a number of basic detective services designed to turn up useful information discreetly, including surveillance of a subject, background checks and phone lookups. These activities allow us to draw up a full report of your spouse’s activities.

Computer forensics is a growing field within matrimonial investigations that we’re very familiar with at Shadow Investigations. Often, a lawfully-obtained computer record is all you need to confirm or deny your suspicions. E-mails, a browsing history or even deleted image files can be recovered and be provided to clients as proof of their significant other’s actions. A personal or work computer can give away a lot of information about a person, and we’re experienced at discovering that information through computer forensics.

More than half of all married men and women who have a cheating spouse have no idea that their significant other is engaging in extramarital activity. When it becomes clear what’s been going on, many find it difficult to proceed in a rational way. Our Vancouver-area private investigation firm will assess the situation in a cool manner and give you all of the information you need to make the right decisions for yourself.

Nobody wants to think that the person they love is capable of causing them such pain. Shadow Investigations will provide the support you need to lean on in difficult times. Call us if you want a thorough but discreet investigation of a possible cheater.

*Image courtesy of murika