Alimony | Spousal Support | Child Support Payment Investigations

What is Alimony | Spousal Support?

Spousal support, also known as alimony or maintenance, is financial assistance paid by one ex-spouse to the other after separation or divorce. It aims to compensate for earnings sacrificed during the marriage, ongoing childcare beyond child support, or financial needs stemming from the marriage’s breakdown. Any spouse, usually the lower-income partner, can request spousal support under the Divorce Act.

What is Child Support?

Child support is a financial contribution from one parent to another for child-rearing costs, mandated by law, regardless of parental living situations or relationships. It is typically required until the child is 19, with possible extensions for dependents. This obligation is non-negotiable and is designed to meet the child’s needs, such as housing, education, and healthcare. Payment structures depend on custody and income levels, with provisions to maintain the child’s standard of living.

How is Alimony | Spousal Support Calculated?

When calculating spousal support without children involved, the “Without Child Support Formula” is used, focusing on two key factors:

  • The gross income difference between the spouses
  • The length of the marriage or cohabitation period

How is Child Support Calculated?

Child support calculations follow the Federal Child Support Guidelines, focusing on parent’s gross incomes.

  • For sole custody, only the non-custodial parent’s income is considered using the child support table for payments.
  • In shared custody, where each parent has the child at least 40% of the time, the support amounts are offset based on each parent’s income.
  • In split custody, where each child primarily resides with a different parent, the support each parent must pay is calculated, and the net difference determines the child’s support owed.

How Investigations into Alimony | Spousal Support | Child Support Assist with Adjusting the Amounts Paid to Reflect Actual Needs and Capacities

Investigations into spousal and child support help ensure that the amounts paid match what’s truly needed and what each person can afford. Professional investigators gather evidence to support claims for modifications or terminations of financial support, particularly in cases of significant life changes, such as whether someone is living with a new partner, has a new job, is earning unreported income, or is not using the support money properly.

These investigations can reveal undisclosed financial circumstances, lifestyle changes, or hidden assets, providing concrete evidence for court considerations. Ultimately, such inquiries ensure that support payments are fair, based on real-life situations.

Investigative Methods for Alimony | Spousal Support | Child Support Cases

Surveillance for Alimony | Spousal and Child Support Cases

Surveillance is a key tool in spousal and child support investigations, offering a discreet way to gather evidence on a person’s lifestyle, financial status, and relationships. This can be crucial for uncovering undisclosed income, cohabitation, or misuse of support payments, directly impacting support adjustments.

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Surveillance for Alimony, Spousal and Child Support Cases while private investigator Obtains Video Footage Evidence While Seated in a Surveillance Vehicle.
Skip tracing for Alimony, Spousal and Child Support Cases with a Skip Tracer magnifying glass on keyboard

Skip Tracing for Alimony | Spousal and Child Support Cases

Skip tracing is invaluable in spousal and child support investigations for locating an ex-spouse obligated to make support payments. Skip tracing ensures that support obligations are enforced by accurately pinpointing the whereabouts of a non-compliant ex-spouse, providing you with the means to secure the financial support necessary for the well-being of those dependent on these funds.

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Background Checks for Alimony | Spousal and Child Support Cases

Background checks are effective in spousal and child support investigations, providing a comprehensive overview of an individual’s financial and personal history. This method can unveil hidden assets, undisclosed income, and changes in employment or living conditions, which are crucial for accurate support assessments.

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Background check private investigator working on Alimony, Spousal and Child Support Cases
OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) private investigator working on Alimony, Spousal and Child Support Cases

OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) for Alimony | Spousal and Child Support Cases

OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) is a powerful tool in spousal and child support investigations. It leverages publicly available data to uncover financial discrepancies, employment status, and lifestyle information about an ex-spouse. This approach can reveal unreported income or assets, which is critical for adjusting support payments to reflect true financial capabilities.

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Witness Statement Interviews for Alimony | Spousal and Child Support Cases

Witness statement interviews are key in spousal and child support investigations, offering firsthand accounts that can confirm or dispute claims about an ex-spouse’s financial situation and lifestyle. These interviews can provide compelling evidence of undisclosed income, assets, or changes in living conditions directly influencing support payment adjustments. 

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Witness Statement Interview being taken by a private investigator for Alimony, Spousal and Child Support Cases
Female Undercover Operative doing Pretext Inquiries for Alimony, Spousal and Child Support Cases as she talks to a woman

Undercover Operations | Pretext Inquiries for Alimony | Spousal and Child Support Cases

Undercover operations and pretext inquiries in spousal and child support cases uncover a subject’s real employment status, income, and lifestyle, especially when these are believed to be misrepresented. By covertly engaging with the subject or their acquaintances, investigators can capture conversations that reveal true financial circumstances, often at odds with declared figures. 

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