Surveillance Services for Effective Private Investigations

What are Surveillance Services?

Surveillance services focus on closely observing and monitoring the activities, behaviors, and interactions of individuals or groups to gather information and evidence. 

The primary objective of surveillance investigators is to obtain visual documentation of a subject’s actions and whereabouts without their knowledge, ensuring discretion while not interfering with the subject’s daily activities.

Surveillance offers you the advantage of gaining clear and undeniable insights into situations that concern you without ever having to be present. With the help of our covert tactics and discreet recording devices, you’re provided with a window into the reality of events as they unfold, along with concrete evidence that can support your position in disputes or legal matters. 

Once the case has concluded, you’ll receive our surveillance investigators’ written observations, time-stamped video footage, and photographs obtained throughout the investigation. This documentation is crucial if you need concrete evidence to support your case in legal proceedings.

Types of Cases Surveillance Services Are Commonly Used

Surveillance for Cheating Spouse | Infidelity Investigations

Surveillance services for infidelity cases bring the truth to light while helping you avoid potential harm to your relationship from unfounded or unsupported allegations. Our surveillance investigators gather evidence of your partner’s actions, helping you confirm or dispel doubts about their fidelity. This approach provides concrete proof, allowing you to make informed decisions about the next steps in your relationship based on facts, not suspicions.  

Surveillance services for infidelity cases as a wife confronts her husband with evidence from the surveillance investigator.
Surveillance services for child custody investigations with a mother smiling with her daughter after gaining custody.

Surveillance for Child Custody Investigations

Surveillance services for child custody investigations provide you with critical insights to safeguard your child’s well-being and interests. We discreetly monitor and document your child’s environment and their parental interactions, providing you with tangible evidence to support your claims in court. Utilizing surveillance in these sensitive situations empowers you to present a robust and evidence-backed case, ensuring decisions made about custody are based on your child’s best interests.

Surveillance for Spousal Support | Child Support Cases

Surveillance services for child support and spousal support cases effectively reveal any concealed employment and the number of non-resident parent or ex-spouse work hours, ensuring their support payments reflect their actual earnings. We discreetly track the subject’s activities to uncover any undeclared employment and, when necessary, employ undercover inquiries with covert audio and video recordings to gauge their earnings. This evidence aids in achieving fair child and spousal support agreements, safeguarding your child’s best interests, and securing equitable financial arrangements for you, contributing to a favorable resolution for your family’s future.  

Surveillance services for child support and spousal support cases as a lawyer shakes his clients hand after using evidence from the surveillance investigator.
Surveillance services for teen activity checks as a troubled teenage male smokes while making pivotal decisions in his life.

Surveillance for Teen Activity Check | Wellness Check Cases

Surveillance services for teen activity checks offer the reassurance of knowing your teenager’s whereabouts and behaviors, ensuring their safety and well-being. By discreetly monitoring your teen’s activities, we provide you with accurate insights into their social interactions, locations visited, and any potentially risky behaviors. This information gives you the insights to guide and protect your teen more effectively, fostering open communication and trust. 

Surveillance for Fraudulent Insurance Disability Claims Cases

Surveillance services for combating fraudulent insurance disability claims can significantly benefit your company by positively impacting your WorkSafeBC experience rating. Uncovering false claims through discreet observation with concrete evidence helps minimize claims costs. This evidence protects your financial interests and ensures your insurance rates remain favorable by maintaining a claims record that reflects high compliance standards with health and safety measures.

Surveillance services for combating fraudulent insurance disability claims as a claimant smiles and holds his wrist while while seeing the amount of his settlement.
Surveillance services for workplace investigations as staff members discuss an employee ethical violation of company policies.

Surveillance for Business | Corporate Investigations

Surveillance services for workplace investigations offer the clarity and evidence needed to make informed management decisions. They help identify any breaches of company policies, such as ethical violations, fraud, discrimination, or safety concerns. This not only aids in pinpointing or clearing employees of misconduct but also ensures the cessation of any harmful activities within the workplace. Surveillance can be an effective tool to maintain integrity and security in your business environment, safeguarding your team and operations.

Surveillance for Integrity Audits Uncovering Employee Theft

Surveillance services are pivotal in Integrity Audits, effectively uncovering employee theft and safeguarding your business interests. Our covert video surveillance allows us to conduct thorough audits across various sectors, including hospitality, retail, and entertainment. This proactive approach identifies potential misconduct, such as cash handling discrepancies or unauthorized access to restricted areas. It provides concrete, actionable evidence through detailed reports and video documentation. Employing these measures ensures the integrity of your employees and vendors, protecting your brand and assets from internal threats. 

Surveillance services in Integrity Audits, as the surveillance investigator hands the bartender money and watches to see if there will be employee theft.

Who We Are and What We Do

Shadow Investigations has assisted individuals, law firms, companies, and insurance corporations with unrivaled investigative services since 1990. Our team works with some of the best surveillance investigators in the field, successfully tackling even the most challenging cases. We specialize in covert operations, utilizing advanced surveillance methods to avoid detection while delivering actionable evidence.

Our Surveillance Service Fees

Surveillance Services
$75 per hour (Includes active monitoring, plus travel to and from the location)
$0.79 per km (Includes travel for active monitoring, plus travel to and from the location)
Reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses (Example: Parking fees)
$100 to compile the report, video, and photographs (Upon request)
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How to Initiate a Surveillance Service Investigation

Schedule A Consultation

To determine the objectives, we’ll discuss your case in a complimentary, obligation-free consultation. You will get all your questions answered and decide if these services match your needs.

Plan & Execute

We’ll create a targeted investigation strategy based on your specific needs and the objectives you list in our surveillance intake form.

Updates & Resolution

During the investigation, you’ll be kept in the loop with regular updates and photos from your dedicated surveillance investigator, highlighting any significant findings. You have complete authority over the budget and schedule, enabling us to concentrate our surveillance during periods most likely to yield noteworthy results.

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