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Get the undeniable evidence you need to make your case, safeguard your interests and defend your decisions.

Worried that someone is taking advantage of you or your organization? Then it’s time you discovered the truth. Our private investigators will discreetly monitor an individual or group’s behaviors, activities, and interactions to obtain the proof you need to take the next step with confidence. 

Surveillance offers you the advantage of gaining clear and undeniable insights into situations that concern you without ever having to be present. With the help of our covert tactics and discreet recording devices, you’re provided with a window into the reality of events as they unfold, along with concrete evidence that can support your position in disputes or legal matters. 

What Can Our Professional Surveillance Services Do For You?

For Individuals

Uncover a cheating spouse with infidelity investigations

We’ll discreetly observe your partner’s activities and capture video and photo evidence. We’ll find out who they’re meeting with, whether they’re meeting privately, and if they’re conducting any intimate behavior. This evidence can help you:

  • Prove grounds for divorce
  • Enjoy total peace of mind
  • Justify your decisions
  • Save your relationship
Surveillance services for infidelity cases as a wife confronts her husband with evidence from the surveillance investigator.
Surveillance services for child custody investigations with a mother smiling with her daughter after gaining custody.

Build a case for child custody investigations

We can help safeguard your child’s well-being and interests with tangible evidence to support your claims in court and present a robust case for child custody. We’ll monitor your child’s environment and interactions with the utmost sensitivity and discretion. This evidence can help you:

  • Present a stronger child custody case in court
  • Enjoy peace of mind regarding your child’s welfare
  • Justify your decisions to your child and family
  • Make the right decision for your child

Investigate ex-spousal earnings for spousal support | child support cases

Is your ex-spouse paying enough spousal or child support? We’ll find out if their support payments reflect their actual earnings with covert video/audio surveillance that uncovers undeclared employment and work hours. This evidence can help you:

  • Achieve fair support for you and your child
  • Relieve financial pressure
  • Better provide for your child
Surveillance services for child support and spousal support cases as a lawyer shakes his clients hand after using evidence from the surveillance investigator.
Surveillance services for teen activity checks as a troubled teenage male smokes while making pivotal decisions in his life.

Check on your teenage child or loved one’s activity with teen activity | wellness check cases

If you’re worried that your teenage child or loved one is putting themselves at risk, we can help give you peace of mind or gather the evidence to take action with conviction. With discreet surveillance, we can record social interactions, locations and behaviors to build a picture of what’s going on in their increasingly private lives. This can help you:

  • Intervene in dangerous situations
  • Know where they are and when
  • Start an honest conversation
  • Seek the appropriate support where needed

For Businesses and Insurance Corporations

Investigate fraudulent insurance disability claims

Get the concrete evidence you need to combat fraudulent insurance disability claims. Whether you’re an insurance company, government agency, or business organization, you can use this evidence to:

  • Bring guilty parties to justice
  • Protect policyholders from inflated premiums
  • Maintain financial stability and prevent losses
  • Protect or improve your company and industry’s reputation
Surveillance services for combating fraudulent insurance disability claims as a claimant smiles and holds his wrist while while seeing the amount of his settlement.
Surveillance services for workplace investigations as staff members discuss an employee ethical violation of company policies.

Improve and protect your workplace environment with business | corporate investigations

Workplace surveillance can help uncover policy breaches, ethical violations, fraud, discrimination, or breaches of health and safety standards. We’ll gather the visual/audio evidence to support management decisions that lead to a safe and compliant workplace environment and the appropriate disciplinary actions. With this evidence, you can:

  • Pinpoint or clear employees of misconduct
  • Maintain a safe, productive and inclusive workplace
  • Safeguard against financial losses or privacy breaches
  • Ensure compliance and avoid potential legal action

Investigate employee theft with integrity audits

We’ll gather actionable evidence, including video, audio and detailed reports to uncover employee theft, misconduct or unauthorized access to restricted areas. Our surveillance services allow us to conduct thorough integrity audits across various sectors inducing hospitality, retail and entertainment, allowing you to:

  • Reduce and prevent employee theft
  • Identify misconduct and take necessary action
  • Safeguard against financial losses or privacy breaches
  • Protect your brand, assets and bottom line from internal threats
Surveillance services in Integrity Audits, as the surveillance investigator hands the bartender money and watches to see if there will be employee theft.

Why hire a professional surveillance team?

Expert investigations

We’ll gather the right amount of evidence you need, with total discretion and 100% confidentiality. You’ll receive our surveillance investigators’ written observations, time-stamped video footage and photographic evidence. 

100% legal

Don’t take the law into your own hands. Our team are fully compliant, licensed and authorized to conduct covert surveillance and gather evidence that stands up in court.

Act with conviction

Get clear and undeniable evidence to build your case and confidently make decisions you can justify later.

Trust us to find the truth

Fully licensed & 100% legal methods

Allowing us to collect evidence that’s accepted in court

100% confidential communication

We understand and respect your need for privacy

Advanced surveillance techniques

The only people getting caught are the guilty ones

In-depth knowledge of the local area

We won’t waste time getting lost, looking out of place or misreading situations

Detailed evidence gathering (videos & photos)

All the documentation you need to build your case

Tailored services for your unique situation

Only hire us for the time and services needed to resolve your case

Efficient processes for competitive rates

Decades of experience in streamlining investigations to save you time and money

Leading investigators with 30+ years of experience

Since 1990, we’ve been uncovering the truth that others miss

A+ Rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau)

That means we’re recognized for having the highest standards of trustworthiness, service, ethics, compliance and reliability with our clients

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It’s time to see what’s really going on

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You don’t have to feel guilty. Every year, countless individuals and businesses seek our help to safeguard their families, assets, finances and employees. Our surveillance services offer the necessary evidence and peace of mind to move forward. Not just for you but for those you’re responsible for too.

Rest assured, our services are ethical, legal and 100% confidential. So, if you’re ready to uncover the truth and empower yourself to make informed and justified decisions, let’s take the next step together. Get in touch today for a free consultation, and only then decide if we’re the right fit for you.

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