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What are Digital Forensics?

Digital forensics involves the detailed examination and preservation of data from electronic devices like computers and mobile phones by a skilled forensic investigator. Given the everyday use of digital devices for personal and professional purposes, it’s unsurprising that mobile phone and computer forensics can yield a wealth of information.

These services are crucial in extracting, securing, and scrutinizing digital information to uncover evidence and understand activities performed on these devices. Digital forensic investigators use specialized techniques and tools to recover deleted, encrypted, or damaged files and analyze data trails, ensuring the integrity of the evidence for legal proceedings or investigative purposes.

Types of Cases Digital Forensics | Computer Forensics are Commonly Used

Digital Forensics for Infidelity Cases

Digital forensics are highly effective in unearthing hidden or deleted communications, photos, and online activities from devices like computers and mobile phones. This method benefits you by providing incontrovertible evidence of a partner’s actions and interactions, often revealing details that are not accessible through conventional means. By employing digital forensics, you gain a deeper insight into your partner’s digital footprint, enabling you to make informed decisions based on concrete data and offering clarity and evidence in situations clouded by doubt and suspicion.

We require a court order or authorization from the owner before analyzing electronic devices.

Digital Forensics Computer Forensics Investigative Service results being presented to a husband by his Wife as she Confronts him about an affair.
A teenager in heavy contemplation as his parents use Digital Forensics Computer Forensics Investigative Services to analyze his mobile phone.

Digital Forensics for Teen Activity Check | Wellness Check Cases

Digital forensics can be used for teen activity checks by meticulously analyzing digital devices to reveal a teenager’s online interactions, app usage, and digital behavior. This approach offers you a comprehensive insight into your teen’s digital world, uncovering potential risks or concerning activities that may not be visible on the surface. Employing digital forensics provides a thorough method to ensure your teen’s safety and well-being in the digital age, enabling proactive guidance and peace of mind regarding their online presence.

Digital Forensics for Business | Corporate Investigations

Digital forensics is crucial for corporate investigations, offering a strategic edge in identifying and addressing issues such as employee theft, embezzlement, and fraud. For fraud and theft investigations, forensic investigators uncover digital traces of deceitful activities, safeguarding company assets. 

In cases of workplace misconduct, digital forensics delves into electronic communications and files to substantiate or refute claims of harassment, discrimination, or bullying, promoting a healthy work environment. 

As litigation support, forensics investigators can meticulously gather and preserve digital evidence crucial for legal disputes, enhancing your legal standing. This specialized approach benefits you by providing a clear, digital trail of evidence, ensuring informed decision-making and legal compliance in corporate governance.

A manager pointing out her concerns to the digital forensics investigator as he begins a Digital Forensics Computer Forensics Investigation.

Who We Are and What We Do

Since 1990, Shadow Investigations has provided unparalleled investigative services to individuals, law firms, corporations, and insurance companies. We employ a diverse team of private investigators and a network of experts, enabling us to deliver comprehensive services tailored to your needs.

A former RCMP Digital Forensics team leader and examiner leads our forensic investigators. Our procedures and protocols are compatible with those of law enforcement agencies, and our team can assist with Anton Piller orders.

Although most device examinations are conducted in the forensic lab, some cases may require an on-site investigation. 

Our Digital Forensics | Computer Forensics Service Fees

Digital Forensics Fees
$700 per device
We require a court order or authorization from the device owner before analyzing electronic devices.
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