Private Investigator Price Guide

Our private investigator price guide details the costs of various investigative methods we employ and the types of cases clients commonly use them for.

Surveillance Service Fees

Surveillance services focus on closely monitoring the activities, behaviors, and interactions of individuals or groups to gather information and evidence.  The objective is to obtain visual documentation of a subject’s actions and whereabouts without their knowledge, ensuring discretion while not interfering with their daily activities.

Surveillance is commonly used for cases involving infidelity, child custody, spousal support, teen activity checks, fraudulent disability claims, workplace investigations, and integrity audits.

Surveillance Services
$75 per hour (Includes active monitoring, plus travel to and from the location)
$0.79 per km (Includes travel for active monitoring, plus travel to and from the location)
Reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses (Example: Parking fees)
$100 to compile the report, video, and photographs (Upon request)
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Polygraph Examination | Lie Detector Test Fees

A polygraph examination, commonly known as a lie detector test, is a scientific method used to assess the reliability of an individual’s statements by measuring physiological responses. The underlying principle is that deceptive answers produce physiological responses, which the polygraph examiner differentiates from those associated with non-deceptive answers.

Polygraph examinations are commonly used for cases involving infidelity cases, employee pre-screening, & disputing false allegations or charges.

Polygraph Examination | Lie Detector Testing Fee
$600 per Person/Session
Pre-Test Suitability Assessment
In-Test Polygraph Examination
Post-Test Results Evaluation & Disclosure
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Skip Tracing | Locating Individuals Fees

Skip tracing involves gathering, analyzing, and combining information from sources such as public records, databases, and bills to determine an individual’s current address.

Individuals, landlords, real estate agents, law firms, & companies often require skip tracing services to locate individuals.

Skip Tracing | Locating Individuals Fees
$450 per Individual
Searches typically take between 1-14 days
Guaranteed to find the address, or 50% will be refunded after exhausting all our sources
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Background Check Fees

Background checks may include verifying a person’s personal, professional, and criminal history. They can also play a crucial role in uncovering hidden assets. This comprehensive screening aims to gather detailed information to assess a person’s suitability, integrity, and any potential risks or undisclosed assets they may possess.

Background checks are commonly used for employee pre-screening, landlords while vetting tenants, individuals while entering a new relationship or considering marriage, finding hidden assets, and as a supporting role for cases involving infidelity, child custody, spousal support, & fraudulent disability claims.

According to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), financial institutions are required to secure an individual’s consent before disclosing personal information. A court order would be required for the release of information that is subject to these restrictions.

Background Check Fees
Specific Searches: Starting at $50 per search, plus disbursement fees depending on the search type
Comprehensive Background Checks: $95 per hour, plus disbursement fees
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Investigative Due Diligence Review Fees

Due diligence reviews are often used for business | corporate investigations while evaluating potential investments, partnerships, or acquisitions.

Basic Due Diligence Review Fees
Basic Due Diligence Review: $825
Includes the Following Searches (Retrieving Up to 2 Documents per Search):
Corporate Land Title Check
Civil Litigation
Criminal Litigation
Media Review
Bankruptcy Check
Personal Property Liens
Internet/Social Media Search
Corporate Search
Business Name Search
BBB Search
Licenses (If Applicable)
Regulatory Review (If Applicable)
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Enhanced Due Diligence Review Fees
Enhanced Due Diligence Review: $1850
Includes Everything from Basic Due Diligence Review, Plus the Following:
Comprehensive Background Checks for 2 Directors
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Due Diligence Review Site Check Fees
Due Diligence Site Check Fee: $150 (Within BC Lower Mainland)
Out-of-Town or Multiple Location Site Check Fees:
$75 per hour, $0.79 per km
$50 for the report, video, and photographs
All Due Diligence Site Checks Include:
A licensed private investigator attending the business location
Video and photographs documenting anything of interest
A report with video and photographs of our findings
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OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) Fees

OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) services involve gathering and analyzing information from publicly available sources for intelligence purposes. This includes data from the internet, media, public government reports, and other accessible materials.

OSINT is commonly used for cases involving infidelity, child custody, fraudulent disability claims, and business | corporate investigations.

OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) Fees
$125 per hour, plus disbursements if subscription-based databases are accessed
Basic Searches: Typically 2-4 Hours
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Digital Forensic Fees

Digital forensics for computers and mobile phones involves the scientific examination and analysis of data stored on electronic devices to uncover and interpret digital evidence. This process is often used in legal contexts to investigate crimes and disputes involving digital information.

Digital forensic services are commonly used for cases involving infidelity, teen activity checks | wellness checks, and business | corporate investigations.

Digital Forensics Fees
$700 per device
We require a court order or authorization from the device owner before analyzing electronic devices.
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Witness Statement Interview Fees

Witness statement interviews involve conducting structured conversations with individuals who may have relevant information or insights into a legal dispute or claim. These interviews aim to gather evidence, clarify details, and build a comprehensive understanding of the case from multiple perspectives.

Witness statement interviews are commonly used for cases involving child custody, spousal support, and business | corporate investigations.

Witness Statement Interview Fees
$200 per Interview (Over Video Conferencing), plus Report Fees
$500 per In-Person Interview (Within the Lower Mainland of BC), plus Report Fees
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Undercover Operations | Pretext Inquires Fees

Undercover operations | pretext inquiries entail operatives assuming false identities or scenarios to discreetly gather information relevant to a case without revealing their true purpose. This approach is used to uncover truths and gather evidence that might not be obtainable through direct or conventional methods, particularly in sensitive or complex legal disputes.

Undercover operations | pretext inquiries are commonly used for cases involving spousal support, and business | corporate investigations.

Undercover | Pretext Inquiries Fees
$75 per hour (Includes active monitoring, plus travel to and from the location)
$0.79 per km (Includes travel for active monitoring, plus travel to and from the location)
Reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses (Example: Parking fees)
$100 to compile the report, video, and photographs (Upon request)
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