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Due Diligence Meaning in Business

An investigative due diligence review identifies and assesses risks, verifies information, and ensures compliance before organizations commit to a business transaction. This process helps prevent financial losses, legal troubles, and reputational damage by uncovering potential issues and liabilities that could affect the outcome of the transaction. It is essential for making informed, confident decisions and securing the integrity of the investment or partnership.

What’s Included with an Investigative Due Diligence Review?

From an investigative due diligence review, you can learn valuable information that aids in making informed decisions about a potential business transaction or partnership, including:

  • Corporate Land Title Check: Confirms the legality and ownership of land titles associated with the business.
  • Civil Litigation: Identifies past or ongoing civil lawsuits involving the business or individuals.
  • Criminal Litigation: Checks for criminal cases tied to the business or key individuals.
  • Media Review: Analyzes media reports and public relations to gauge public perception and uncover potential red flags.
  • Bankruptcy Check: Verifies whether the business or its principals have previously filed for bankruptcy.
  • Personal Property Liens: Searches for liens against personal property of the business or owners that could affect assets.
  • Internet/Social Media Search: Review online presence and social media platforms to assess reputation and compliance.
  • Corporate Search: Investigates the business’s corporate status, affiliations, and history.
  • Business Name Search: Ensures that the business name is legally registered and not involved in disputes.
  • BBB Search: Looks up the business’s standing with the Better Business Bureau and reviews any complaints.
  • Licenses (If Applicable): Confirms the validity and status of required professional and business licenses.
  • Regulatory Review (If Applicable): Assesses compliance with relevant industry regulations and standards.
  • Comprehensive Background Checks on Employees or Directors: Delves into the histories of key personnel to ensure integrity and suitability.
  • Site Checks involve a licensed private investigator visiting the business site to document findings with video and photographs and produce a detailed report of the observations.

Advantages of Hiring a Private Investigation Company for a Due Diligence Review

Private investigators bring expertise, impartiality, and access to specialized databases and resources that ensure a thorough and legally compliant investigative due diligence review. They are also trained to uncover deep insights and hidden liabilities that might be overlooked by internal staff, mitigating risks and providing a more accurate assessment of potential business deals or partnerships.

This professional approach helps safeguard your company’s investments and reputation by providing a comprehensive, objective analysis.

Business executives shake hands during an Acquisition business merger after seeing results from an Investigative Due Diligence Review.

Who We Are and What We Do

Since 1990, Shadow Investigations has provided unparalleled investigative services to individuals, law firms, corporations, and insurance companies. We employ a diverse team of private investigators and a network of experts, enabling us to deliver comprehensive services tailored to your needs.

Our experience and commitment to accuracy and confidentiality ensure that you receive reliable information to make the best decisions for your organization.

Our Investigative Due Diligence Review Fees

Basic Due Diligence Review Fees
Basic Due Diligence Review: $825
Includes the Following Searches (Retrieving Up to 2 Documents per Search):
Corporate Land Title Check
Civil Litigation
Criminal Litigation
Media Review
Bankruptcy Check
Personal Property Liens
Internet/Social Media Search
Corporate Search
Business Name Search
BBB Search
Licenses (If Applicable)
Regulatory Review (If Applicable)
Free Consultation
Enhanced Due Diligence Review Fees
Enhanced Due Diligence Review: $1850
Includes Everything from Basic Due Diligence Review, Plus the Following:
Comprehensive Background Checks for 2 Directors
Free Consultation
Due Diligence Review Site Check Fees
Due Diligence Site Check Fee: $150 (Within BC Lower Mainland)
Out-of-Town or Multiple Location Site Check Fees:
$75 per hour, $0.79 per km
$50 for the report, video, and photographs
All Due Diligence Site Checks Include:
A licensed private investigator attending the business location
Video and photographs documenting anything of interest
A report with video and photographs of our findings
Free Consultation

How to Get Your Investigative Due Diligence Review Started

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Planning Phase
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Planning Phase
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Case Execution & Updates
We'll Begin the Due Diligence Review & Send Updates
Case Execution & Updates
Throughout the due diligence review, you'll be frequently updated and sent details of our findings.

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