Private Investigation Services

If you are looking for assistance in compiling evidence, uncovering suspicious activities, and safeguarding your intellectual property, then you are in need of a private investigator in Vancouver and Surrey, BC.

We work with individuals, commercial businesses, attorneys and insurance agencies that are seeking answers. At Shadow Investigations, our operations are conducted with complete discretion and client confidentiality to ensure that you and your properties remain safe and secure.

Our private investigators in Vancouver and Surrey will be able to effectively obtain the information and data you need to take your next step in a course of action. We work with you to build your case, and provide results in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Call us at 604-696-2000 for a free consultation and we will work with you to develop a plan to achieve the results you are looking for in the most cost-effective manner.

Our Private Investigation Services Include:

Infidelity Investigations

Suspect your spouse may be unfaithful? We will work with you to develop a tailored plan to uncover the truth through the use of surveillance, vehicle GPS tracking devices, telephone number traces, and several other effective techniques.

Child Custody Investigations

Doubt the proper care of a minor when under the supervision of an ex-spouse, appointed caregiver, or someone you don’t know?  We understand how sensitive these investigations can be and will do everything we can to obtain the evidence you need for court purposes or police involvement.

Teen Activity Checks

As a parent, it’s inevitable that you worry about your teen and their well-being. In order to protect their future and ensure their safety, teen activity checks will discreetly watch over your teen, providing you with insight on their actions and acquaintances.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Investigations

Data exists and is publicly available on websites and numerous social media platforms. This data, when properly analyzed and presented, could be used as valuable evidence in court proceedings and various disputes and claims.

Insurance Fraud & WCB Investigations

Fraud is an ongoing concern for insurance companies. Our investigations are conducted in an ethical manor, understanding the need to strike an appropriate balance between the privacy concerns of individuals and the need to effectively counter fraud.

Corporate & Workplace Investigations

The poor work ethic of dishonest employees, inefficiency and fraud could be costing your company time and money, damaging your reputation. We can work with you to identify and obtain the evidence required for you to take action.

Missing Persons and Background Investigations

Whether you are searching for information on an individual or searching for a missing person, we have a highly experienced team of background researchers and investigators experienced in locating missing individuals and conducting background checks on persons of interest.

Computer and Smart Phone Forensics

In an increasingly digitally-driven world, it’s essential that you are able to retrieve information and data from smartphones and other technology, even after it has been altered or erased. Our data analysts and digital forensic services can help to uncover any electronic paper trail that could help your case.

Polygraph Testing

A polygraph examination tests verbal and physical responses such as breathing, galvanic skin response, and heart beat/blood pressure to a series of questions in order to determine if someone is being deceitful. Polygraph testing results have been proven useful as evidence in courts of law.

Witness Interviews & Testimony

In certain cases, tracking down viable witnesses is essential to your success in court. By hiring professionals equipped with attention to detail and the ability to persuade witnesses to come forward, valuable witness interviews and testimony will help build your case.

Undercover Operations

If you are suspicious of any activities or the inefficiency of your work place, we can covertly uncover the criminal operations. Whether it is theft, sexual harassment, or corporate espionage, our team can help expose the perpetrators.

Electronic Bug Sweeps

It’s becoming more and more essential to protect your intellectual property from those wishing to compete with your company. If you suspect the presence of a transmitting device, we will employ our private investigators to conduct a thorough examination of your location, uncovering any audio or video devices that may be hidden.

What Does a Private Investigator Do?

There’s often a discrepancies when it comes to what a private investigator can and can’t do.

A private investigator in Vancouver, BC uses their expertise and analytical skills to gather information that will be permissible in court as valid evidence in your case. As exceptional detectives, they possess a keen eye for details and are well-versed in the ways of covert activities.

Whether you are facing a financial, personal, or legal issue, private investigators are able to gather the necessary facts required to help your case. They implement several methods in which to obtain the information including witness interviews, surveillance, and research.

Once they have uncovered what is deemed vital information, a private investigator in British Columbia will work to verify that the information is true and can be used in court to help your case.

Our team of private investigators are discreet when working on your case and our top priorities are maintaining your privacy and ensuring your safety.

Why Hire a Private Investigator?

There are plenty of reasons to hire a private investigator in Vancouver or Surrey, BC.

At Shadow Investigations, our goal is to collect the necessary information you require and verify that the information is sound and valid to use in court.

A private investigator in Vancouver and Surrey will have the resources and understand the investigative techniques that need to be employed in order to find success with your case. You should not be gathering evidence, acquiring witness testimonies or conducting surveillance on your own.

Not to mention, it’s just a few, easy steps to hire a private investigator.

Remember, it takes someone with a keen eye and years of experience to uncover and analyze the data and evidence necessary to support your litigation.