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What is a Witness Statement?

A witness statement is an account provided by a witness or a victim detailing their recounting of events and facts relevant to an ongoing investigation.

Although witnesses may initially present statements orally, they must be formally recorded in writing to qualify as legitimate evidence in a court of law. The witness or victim must carefully review and confirm the accuracy of the statement before signing it to ensure it accurately reflects their account of what happened.

What are Witness Interviews?

Witness interviews involve structured conversations where investigators speak with individuals who may have information relevant to a case. These interviews are essential for gathering firsthand accounts, clarifying events, and obtaining leads that might not be available through other investigative means.

Having a private investigator conduct a witness statement interview offers several advantages. 

  • Investigators are trained in interview techniques that encourage openness while carefully evaluating the credibility of the information provided.
  • Investigators approach these interactions objectively, free from the emotional biases that might influence parties directly involved in the case. 
  • Investigators operate within a legal and ethical framework that ensures they conduct interviews respectfully and within the bounds of the law, preserving the integrity of the information gathered and its admissibility in any potential legal proceedings.

How to Write a Witness Statement

Your witness statement is a formal document recounting your firsthand account of events relevant to a legal case. It should be factual, clear, and structured, focusing solely on your observable details and personal experiences.

Tips for writing an effective witness statement:

  • Include all relevant facts known to you.
  • Present events in chronological order, using number figures for dates and specifics, and clarify the origin of your information.
  • Express yourself in your own words and style, as if you were testifying orally, steering clear of legal terminology.
  • Describe events from your viewpoint and attach any corroborative evidence as exhibits.
  • If claiming damages, clearly link the event to your incurred loss.
  • Provide specific dates to underscore the certainty of your account, and if exact dates are uncertain, approximate them as closely as possible.
  • Refrain from including opinions or arguments, focusing strictly on factual observations and experiences.
  • Consider the essential points supporting your claim or challenging opposing allegations, ensuring you do not omit relevant details.
  • Avoid hearsay, sticking to information you have directly observed or experienced.

Witness Statement Example | Witness Statement Template Download

Types of Cases Witness Statements | Witness Interviews are Commonly Used

Witness Statement Interviews for Child Custody Cases

For child custody cases, when there is a valid cause for concern, private investigators conduct witness statement interviews, providing crucial insights into your child’s living conditions and the co-parent’s behavior. This process collects firsthand observations and experiences from individuals who have interacted with your child and the co-parent in various contexts.

These interviews help build a comprehensive and objective view of your child’s well-being and the parenting they receive, strengthening your case by grounding it in direct evidence. Engaging in witness interviews and obtaining witness statements ensures that all decisions made regarding custody are informed by detailed and reliable accounts, prioritizing your child’s best interests.

Successful Witness Statement Witness Interview Investigation Service as a Mother Smiles and Hugs her Daughter After winning the Child Custody Case due to an impactful witness statement
Woman calculating expanses and considering Witness Statement Witness Interview Investigation Services to get evidence for her spousal support and child support case.

Witness Statement Interviews for Spousal Support | Child Support Cases

Witness statement interviews with individuals knowledgeable about the subject’s lifestyle, earnings, and financial habits can be vital in spousal and child support cases. These discussions offer a window into the financial situation and living standards of the person under investigation.

This approach garners evidence directly related to the subject’s economic behavior and capabilities, helping to ensure that support agreements are just and aligned with the genuine needs and capacities of those involved. Engaging in such targeted interviews allows you to build a case founded on informed and relevant testimonies, aiding in the pursuit of equitable support terms.

Witness Statement Interviews for Business | Corporate Investigations

Witness statement interviews are a critical element in business and corporate investigations, offering in-depth insights into various internal issues, including:

  • Fraud and Theft: To help identify and rectify instances of embezzlement or deceitful practices. 
  • Workplace Misconduct such as Harassment or Discrimination: By providing firsthand accounts that substantiate or refute allegations. 
  • Whistleblower Investigations: To validate concerns while safeguarding the informant’s rights. 
  • Pre-employment Screening & Employee Termination: To assist in verifying backgrounds and ensuring terminations are conducted fairly and safely. 
  • Legal and Financial Investigations: To contribute valuable evidence and clarity, aiding in resolving disputes and detecting financial anomalies. 

Leveraging witness interviews allow you to understand the situation comprehensively and ensure informed decisions and actions that protect your company’s integrity and legal standing.

A Private Investigator doing a Witness Statement Witness Interview Investigation Service for a corporation while investigating workplace misconduct.

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Since 1990, Shadow Investigations has provided unparalleled investigative services to individuals, law firms, corporations, and insurance companies. We employ a diverse team of private investigators and a network of experts, enabling us to deliver comprehensive services tailored to your needs.

Our highly experienced interview investigators recognize the significance of ongoing skill enhancement and training, allowing us to gather relevant evidence that supports our findings without legal complications. We employ the PEACE method of investigative interviewing to obtain a full account of events from an individual.

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