Undercover Operations | Pretext Inquiries

What are Undercover Operations and Pretext Inquiries?

Undercover operations and pretext inquiries involve investigators assuming a false identity or using a pretext to engage with the subject of the investigation without revealing their true intentions. The primary goal of undercover operations is to discreetly record the video and audio of these interactions while capturing any evidence or admissions that could significantly impact the case.

This method allows investigators to gather information naturally, often leading to more candid revelations that the subject might not disclose under formal questioning. These operations require a high level of skill and discretion to maintain the investigator’s cover while ensuring the collection of relevant and admissible evidence.

Recording Conversations for Use as Evidence in Canada

In Canada, s.184 of the Criminal Code of Canada states that recording a private conversation is legal, provided one of the participants consents to the recording. The consenting party can also be the party recording the conversation. This exception is known as “one-party consent.” Recordings made with the consent of one party may be used as evidence in legal proceedings.

Limitations to Undercover Operations

Undercover operations conducted by private investigators face some limitations, particularly around impersonation and pretexting. Private investigators are prohibited from impersonating someone’s friend, associate, or authority figure, such as a police officer. Additionally, using pretexts to gather information that breaches privacy laws is off-limits, including attempts to access financial, health, or phone records. These constraints ensure respect for individual privacy and compliance with legislation in Canada, maintaining the investigative process’s integrity and the evidence’s admissibility in legal proceedings. 

Types of Cases Undercover Operations | Pretext Inquiries are Commonly Used

Undercover Operations for Spousal Support | Child Support Cases

Undercover investigations in spousal and child support cases are highly effective for discreetly gathering evidence about the subject’s employment status, income levels, and work habits, particularly when such details are suspected to be underreported. Investigators can obtain admissions or insights into actual earnings and lifestyle that might contradict official claims by engaging the subject or associated individuals in covertly recorded conversations. This approach benefits you by providing a more accurate depiction of the subject’s financial situation, ensuring support payments are fairly assessed and reflects true earning capabilities, thereby safeguarding your financial interests and those of your children in support proceedings.

Undercover Operations Pretext Inquiries for a spousal support and child support case being considered as a woman calculates her losses while seated at a desk in her home.
Undercover Operations Pretext Inquiries being done by a female undercover operative as she covertly records the conversation between herself and a woman who is the subject of an investigation.

Undercover Operations for Business | Corporate Investigations

Undercover investigations are a pivotal asset in corporate investigations while securing discreetly recorded evidence across numerous scenarios including:

  • Fraud and theft, while unmasking illicit activities like embezzlement by blending in to observe and record wrongdoing undetected.
  • Due diligence, while delving into the operations of potential business ventures to ensure their legitimacy and viability.
  • Vetting vendors and suppliers, while confirming their reliability through firsthand interaction and observation.
  • Protecting intellectual property, while exposing unauthorized use of patents, copyrights, or trademarks.
  • Mystery shopping, while gaining insights into customer service and employee integrity.

The use of undercover operations for your investigation means gaining access to direct, unaltered information that can safeguard and enhance your business operations, ensuring integrity and a competitive edge.

Who We Are and What We Do

Since 1990, Shadow Investigations has provided unparalleled investigative services to individuals, law firms, corporations, and insurance companies. We employ a diverse team of private investigators and a network of experts, enabling us to deliver comprehensive services tailored to your needs.

Our undercover operatives excel at covert operations, skillfully obtaining vital information while remaining undetected and providing invaluable evidence that has significantly influenced the outcomes of many legal proceedings.

Our Undercover Operations | Pretext Inquiries Service Fees

Undercover | Pretext Inquiries Fees
$75 per hour (Includes active monitoring, plus travel to and from the location)
$0.79 per km (Includes travel for active monitoring, plus travel to and from the location)
Reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses (Example: Parking fees)
$100 to compile the report, video, and photographs (Upon request)
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