Lie Detector & Polygraph Testing Services

Seeking the Unwavering Truth with Absolute Certainty?
Our professional polygraph services offer reliable and accurate results, providing the clarity and confidence you need in critical situations.

  • Efficiently resolve conflicts by uncovering the truth
  • Make well-informed decisions in crucial situations
  • Foster trust and confidence in personal, professional, and legal contexts

Struggling to Uncover the Whole Truth in a Complex Situation?

Discerning the truth in complex personal, professional, or legal situations is challenging in a world of uncertainty and deception. The inability to ascertain facts can lead to prolonged disputes, unresolved conflicts, and unease. Often, clients seeking polygraph services face high-stakes situations where the truth is crucial yet elusive.

High stakes and significant consequences from not uncovering the truth can result in emotional turmoil, strained relationships, and financial repercussions. In addition, the pressure to find answers and make informed decisions can leave clients overwhelmed and desperate for clarity.

Everyone has the right to access the truth and achieve peace of mind, regardless of the complexities of their personal, professional, or legal situations.

Discover the Truth You Deserve

We recognize the emotional turmoil you may face while dealing with uncertainty and deception in your personal, professional, or legal situations. The quest for truth can be overwhelming and distressing. We’re committed to offering support, confidentiality, and professionalism to help you through this challenging time.

Our polygraph specialist’s credibility and expertise are unmatched, having trained at the prestigious RCMP Polygraph School in Ottawa and been certified since 2000. As a retired 30-year Vancouver Police Department member, who oversaw the polygraph section in his final years, he has conducted hundreds of polygraph examinations across various issues. Trust our specialists’ extensive experience and proven track record to provide the accurate and reliable results you need.

The Polygraph Examination Process

Step 1: Schedule
Discuss your situation with the polygraph examiner to identify the objectives in a free, no-obligation consultation. Then, you can get all your questions answered and decide if it’s a good fit.   

Step 2: Examination Process
The polygraph examination consists of 3 distinct phases: a pre-test, an in-test or data collection, and a post-test.

  • Pre-test: The examiner completes paperwork, assesses the examinee’s suitability, and reviews test questions
  • In-test: In a distraction-free room, the examiner collects data using sensors and asks agreed-upon yes/no questions.
  • Post-test: The examiner evaluates polygraph charts, provides an opinion on the examinee’s truthfulness, and discusses results directly or in a written report.

Step 3: Conveyance of Examination Results
The examiner provides a written report detailing issue-related questions and assesses the examinee’s honesty during the examination.


Flat Rate: $600 per person/session

Our Polygraph/Lie Detector Testing service provides a direct route to the truth when it matters most. Our certified professionals deliver an unbiased and professional assessment. The fee is fixed and agreed upon before any service begins, ensuring total transparency. Reach out to us for more information on this service.

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Why Choose Us?

Ethical Examination Process
Rigorous compliance with industry standards ensures reliable polygraph results and examiner expertise.

Transparent Examination Process
Open communication fosters comfort and trust in the examiner, enhancing examination success.

Diverse Expertise
Vast experience in different polygraph examinations ensures effective handling of each unique case.