Lie Detector & Polygraph Testing Services

A polygraph examination tests a subject’s verbal and physical responses to a series of questions asked by a trained examiner. The subject is attached to a polygraph instrument that records their breathing, galvanic skin response and heart beat/blood pressure. After the questions have been answered the examiner will make a pass/fail determination based on their evaluation of the data. The results of polygraph testing are at least 90% accurate and have been admitted as evidence in courts of law for or against the truthfulness of an eyewitness.

Shadow Investigations employs polygraph testing services for our clients. The need to know what happened and whom to trust is critical when your reputation is on the line. Our experts have years of experience with the nuance of polygraph operation and are members of several internationally respected polygraph associations. Place your trust in Shadow’s ability to uncover the truth with lie detector testing.

Polygraph tests are $600 including tax. Appointments can be scheduled within 3 days of setting up an account.

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