Skip Tracing Services for Locating Individuals

What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing involves gathering, analyzing, and combining information from sources such as public records, databases, and bills to determine an individual’s current address.

As defined by Wikipedia, the term “skip” refers to the person being searched for (from the phrase “to skip town”), and “tracing” means the process of locating the individual. As such, a skip tracer is hired to track down (“trace”) the “skip” to their new location.

Who Commonly Uses Skip Tracing Services

Skip Tracing for Individuals Assisting with Personal and Legal Matters

Reconnecting with Relatives: Assistance in finding family members who have lost contact due to various reasons such as disputes, moving abroad, or simply losing touch.

Adoption Inquiries: Helping adoptees locate biological parents or siblings’ addresses for potential contact or familial connections.

Lost Loves & Old Friends: Aiding individuals in finding addresses for long-lost friends to rekindle past friendships or connections.

Personal Legal Matters: Assisting individuals in finding the current addresses of parties involved in personal legal matters, such as small claims cases or private disputes, to facilitate serving legal documents or court notices.

Father and son reuniting after a successful skip tracing investigation
Skip Tracing Service to Serve Court Documents

Skip Tracing for Law Firms Assisting Clients with Legal Matters

Process Serving: Locating individuals or witnesses who need to be served with court documents for various legal proceedings.

Debtor Tracing: Locating individuals who have outstanding debts or have defaulted on payments to ensure the enforcement of judgments or settlements.

Beneficiary Location: Identifying heirs or beneficiaries for wills and estates, especially in cases where the beneficiary may be unaware of their entitlement.

Divorce Proceedings: Tracing estranged spouses needed to serve legal documents or finalize divorce agreements.

Skip Tracing for Businesses and Corporations

Due Diligence for Hiring: Verifying the current addresses of job candidates, particularly for roles requiring high levels of trust and security.

Address Verification for Fraud Prevention: Identifying the current addresses of individuals suspected of engaging in fraudulent activities against the company.

Client or Customer Tracing: Locating the addresses of clients or customers for contract enforcement, debt collection, or dispute resolution.

Business Transactions: Ensuring the current addresses of partners, suppliers, or contractors are accurate for legal or financial documentation.

Skip Tracing for verification of an employee resume address
Skip Tracing for Tenant Previous Address Verification as the tenant signs the rental agreement and keys are handed to him.

Skip Tracing for Landlords, Real Estate Agents, and Property Management Companies

Tenant Verification: Verifying potential tenants’ current and previous addresses as part of the screening process.

Address Tracing for Former Tenants: Locating past tenants who have left behind unpaid rent or property damage for recovery efforts.

Property Ownership Clarification: Investigating a property’s history and ownership is helpful in cases of disputed ownership or historical property research.

Locating Property Owners: Finding absentee landlords or property owners for legal, financial, or management-related communications.

Is Skip Tracing Effective for Finding a Missing Person?

Skip tracing alone is not effective for locating a missing person since their current whereabouts are unlikely to be listed in any public record or database. Other services for missing persons are employed to assist authorities with these searches. Skip tracing may still be effective as a supporting role in missing persons cases while tracking down key witnesses to interview for leads.

Who We Are and What We Do

Shadow Investigations has been assisting individuals, law firms, and companies with skip traces and other investigative services since 1990.  Our skip tracers employ various techniques, utilize advanced databases, public records, and social media to uncover information that leads to the individual’s whereabouts.  In addition, our strong network of contacts and industry connections complement or diligent efforts, enhancing our ability to locate individuals quickly and effectively.

You will gain access to a team of professionals committed to delivering accurate and reliable results. We prioritize confidentiality and discretion in all our searches, ensuring we respect your privacy throughout the process. Trust our expertise and dedication to help you locate the individual you seek.

Our Skip Tracing Service Fees

Skip Tracing | Locating Individuals Fees
$450 per Individual
Searches typically take between 1-14 days
Guaranteed to find the address, or 50% will be refunded after exhausting all our sources
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How to Get Your Skip Trace Service Started

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Case Execution & Updates
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The following pieces of information will be helpful for the trace:

  • Reason for the skip trace (Required)
  • First and last name (Required)
  • Any known alias or nick names
  • Date of birth or approximate age
  • Last known address, phone number, or email address including the date or approximate date they were last known
  • Names of the individual’s known friends, spouse, or other family members as well as relevant information for the trace
  • Known social media accounts
  • Photographs of the individual

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