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What is OSINT?

OSINT, or open-source intelligence, refers to gathering data from publicly available sources to use in an analytical context. These sources include the Internet, social media platforms, public government records, professional and academic publications, and more. 

OSINT’s investigation effectiveness lies in its ability to provide information about individuals, groups, or organizations without direct interaction or intrusion. OSINT is a powerful tool for gathering and preserving evidence, understanding social connections, and gaining insights into behaviors and patterns. Its non-intrusive nature allows investigators to collect relevant information legally and ethically, making it an invaluable component of modern investigative processes.

Types of Investigations OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) is Commonly Used

OSINT for Infidelity Cases

OSINT is highly effective for some infidelity investigations, especially after identifying the affair partner. It supplements the case with additional proof of the affair and helps determine its duration. OSINT investigators also use this method while searching for hidden online dating profiles of a partner, offering a discreet and legal means to gather crucial information. Using OSINT translates to a more comprehensive understanding of the situation, enabling informed decisions based on a broader evidence base without confrontation or privacy invasion.

OSINT Open Source Intelligence Investigation Services results being presented to by a wife as she Confronts her Husband after an Infidelity Investigation
OSINT Open Source Intelligence Investigation Services results sucessfully uncovering evidence and a mother smiling with her daughter after gaining custody after a child custody investigation

OSINT for Child Custody Cases

For child custody investigations, OSINT can examine the co-parent or their associates interacting with the children, potentially exposing safety concerns. This method is beneficial as it discreetly documents and secures evidence of potential risks before they can be concealed, providing concrete proof for legal proceedings. Leveraging OSINT allows for a non-invasive way to protect your children’s well-being and strengthen your case in custody disputes, offering peace of mind and a stronger legal stance.

OSINT for Fraudulent Disability Claims Investigations

OSINT investigators commonly investigate fraudulent disability claims by scrutinizing social media and other online sources for evidence that may contradict a claimant’s reported limitations. Additionally, OSINT is a strategic precursor to surveillance, providing recent photos for claimant identification and insights into their interests and habits. This intelligence informs the optimal times for surveillance, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the investigation. OSINT investigators discreetly document evidence before anyone can conceal it and preserve irrefutable proof for legal proceedings, ensuring that disability support is rightfully allocated.

OSINT Open Source Intelligence Invesbeing considered for a Fraudulent Insurance Claims Investigations after a man seen smiling while signing paperwork for his disability claim.

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Since 1990, Shadow Investigations has provided unparalleled investigative services to individuals, law firms, corporations, and insurance companies. We employ a diverse team of private investigators and a network of experts, enabling us to deliver comprehensive services tailored to your needs.

Our experience and commitment to accuracy and confidentiality ensure you receive reliable information to make the best decisions for your business, organization, or personal life.

OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) Investigation Fees

OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) Fees
$125 per hour, plus disbursements if subscription-based databases are accessed
Basic Searches: Typically 2-4 Hours
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