Insurance Fraud | Employee Disability Fraud Investigations

Don’t Let Fraudsters, Scam Artists, or Unscrupulous Opportunists Take Advantage of Your Business

Shadow Investigations protects your organization from the costly effects of insurance and employee disability fraud with world-class private investigative services that uncover the truth behind the lies and provide peace of mind. 

Insurance Fraud Incurs Over $1 Billion in Losses Annually in Canada

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Insurance fraud also erodes trust among policyholders and employees, damages an organization’s reputation, and creates a culture of dishonesty. Businesses and insurance providers bear the brunt of the losses caused by insurance fraud, as they ultimately foot the bill for fraudulent claims. This not only results in financial losses but also increases premiums for legitimate policyholders.

When the threat of fraudulent disability and insurance claims is looming over your business, you can either sit back and hope for the best… Or Fight Back!

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Secure Your Business and Protect Your Reputation with Shadow Investigations

The Leading Private Investigator Vancouver Agency Since 1990

For more than 30 years,  Shadow Investigations has been dedicated to providing top-quality private investigative services for businesses and insurance companies dealing with insurance and employee disability fraud. Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced surveillance investigators who excel in covert operations, ensuring that we gather the necessary evidence discreetly to protect your business and reputation from fraudulent claims.

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How Do You Benefit From Partnering With Some of the Best Investigators in the Field?

Cost Efficiency

By conducting thorough investigations, insurance premiums can remain reasonable for all parties involved.

Better Resource Allocation

Our experienced team ensures that limited resources are directed towards legitimate claimants rather than being exploited by fraudsters.

Maintaining Fairness

Through our extensive investigative techniques, we promote honesty and trust among all stakeholders.

Protecting Your Reputation

Our vigilant approach to investigations showcases our responsibility and dedication to preventing fraud, ultimately safeguarding your organization’s image.

Preventing Abuse

Proactive investigations not only address individual cases but also act as a strong deterrent for future fraud attempts.

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Our Investigative Methods To Uncover The Truth Behind the Lies

Surveillance for Insurance Disability Fraud Investigations

Surveillance offers real-time observation, documentation, and video evidence gathering to verify the authenticity of claims and determine the claimant’s level of activity and physical capabilities in an uncontrolled environment. This method can decisively expose fraudulent activities, such as exaggerated injuries or fabricated incidents, ensuring that insurance resources are allocated fairly.

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Private Investigator Obtaining Video Footage Evidence While Seated in a Surveillance Vehicle while investigating Insurance Fraud, Employee Disability Fraud Investigations
OSINT Investigator Vancouver Working on the computer for a Insurance Fraud, Employee Disability Fraud Investigation

OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) for for Insurance Disability Fraud Investigations

OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) leverages publicly accessible information to uncover discrepancies in claims. This method can reveal a claimant’s activities posted online that contradict their submitted claims, offering a non-intrusive yet powerful means to detect fraud.

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3 Easy Steps to Begin Your Insurance Disability Fraud Investigation