Child Custody Investigations In Vancouver BC

Doubt the Proper Care of a Minor?

Children under the supervision of an ex-spouse, appointed caregiver, or someone you don’t know could be exposed to abuse, neglect, domestic violence, brainwashing to favor one parent over the other, or even kidnapping.  Police and courts are often unable to do anything without definitive proof and that’s where we can help.

Shadow Investigations has extensive experience with child custody investigations.  Criminal background checks can be conducted on people the child is exposed to.  Monitoring daily activities of children while under the care of the guardian can expose any misdeeds so they can be properly documented with detailed reports, video footage, and photographs for presentation in court.

What to Expect for Investigations Involving Surveillance:

  • Our case manager will speak with you to get an understanding of your situation and determine what your objectives are.
  • We will develop a personalized plan to achieve those results in the most cost effective manner and assign investigators to the file.
  • We will discretely maintain regular contact with you throughout the investigation updating you on our progress.
  • Once the investigation has been completed, results can be provided in the form of a detailed report, DVDs, and photographs.  All evidence provided is suitable to be used in a court of law.

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