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How Surveillance Investigators Obtain Evidence Undetected

Private Investigator Lawyer Obtaining Video Footage Evidence

How Surveillance Investigators Track Subjects and Obtain Evidence Without Being Seen In the secretive world of surveillance, methods of tracking stealthily, tools for gathering evidence discreetly, and the careful balance investigators maintain while on the case are rarely discussed.  Surveillance investigators are crucial in various investigations, from legal cases to personal matters. Their ability to… Read more »

How to Setup an Infidelity Case to Catch a Cheating Spouse

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How to Setup an Infidelity Investigation If you’re reading this, you’ve likely reached a pivotal moment in your life. Deciding to investigate a partner for infidelity is a deeply personal and often painful decision. You’re not just seeking answers but seeking clarity in a situation shrouded in doubt and confusion. Hiring a private investigator to… Read more »

How Valentine’s Day Exposes Cheating Spouses

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How Valentine’s Day Exposes Cheating Spouses Valentine’s Day may be more than just a celebration of love for you this year. It may be shrouded in doubt, suspicion, and unanswered questions about your partner’s fidelity. As private investigators specializing in infidelity cases, we’ve seen how this holiday can reveal hidden truths in relationships. Valentine’s Day,… Read more »

How Much Do Private Investigators Charge for Surveillance in 2024?

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The Costs of Hiring a Private Investigator for Surveillance in BC Are you considering hiring a private investigator for surveillance services and need clarification on the costs and the process? Perhaps your situation involves a potentially unfaithful partner, a complex child custody case, or suspected disability fraud. The necessity for the information may arise from… Read more »