Corporate & Workplace Investigations In Vancouver BC

Your business is too important to leave its future to chance.  You need to know everything is running smoothly and in today’s business climate, there is no room for errors.

Statistics show a typical organization loses 7% of its annual revenue to employee fraud with nearly 75% of all employees committing some degree of employee theft at least once and half of those repeatedly.  Most of the large losses are caused by long-term, ongoing schemes cleverly hidden for years.

Theft of time and money, fraud, substance abuse, embezzlement, and inefficiency may be cutting away at your bottom line.

A leading authority on employment issues has conducted numerous surveys relative to time theft and concluded that the average employee “steals” approximately 54 minutes per day, or 4.5 hours per week, from their employer totaling nearly 6 full workweeks per year!

Employees could be:

  • Arriving late or leaving early
  • Requesting paid sick days for inappropriate reasons
  • Taking extended lunch hours and breaks
  • Using company time to run another business or work for a competitor
  • Handling personal affairs at work

At Shadow Investigations, we identify and gather evidence of these offenses so appropriate action can be taken.  We understand that each case is unique and will work with you to customize an investigative plan that best suits your organization’s needs.

Our corporate investigative staff offers a full range of services including:

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