Private Investigation Services & Private Investigator Agency Richmond, BC

There will be times when both private citizens and business entities need to hire a professional private investigation company. When that happens, you should reach out to Shadow Investigations, home to the premier private investigators in Richmond. We employ only the most experienced investigators who have proven track records of getting results, regardless of the details surrounding your situation.

We provide the following services:

· Electronic bug sweeps

· Undercover operations

· Witness interviews & testimony

· Polygraph testing

· Child custody investigations

· Infidelity investigations

· Teen activity checks

· Open-source intelligence investigations

· Smartphone and computer forensics

· Missing person cases and background investigations

· Workplace & corporate investigations

· Insurance fraud & WCB investigations

· And much more

Hire a Private Investigator

At Shadow Investigations, we know that hiring a private investigator is sometimes the last resort for a commercial enterprise or private citizen. You might feel like you’re in a difficult situation, and you have no one else to whom you can turn.

Private investigator taking photos

We handle all situations with total confidentiality. We’re respectful of your privacy and ask only for the details that we feel are pertinent to the case. We have the analytical skills and expertise that can uncover the truth, regardless of what has led you to us.

What Else Should You Know About Shadow Investigations?

The intelligence that we gather includes tangible evidence that can be used in court if necessary. If you don’t plan to pursue a legal case based on what we uncover, we can also act purely for your peace of mind. If you suspect infidelity or you’re suspicious of someone’s behavior, let our investigatory services set your mind at ease.

Our detectives possess an eye for detail that overlooks nothing. We deal with all manner of personal, legal, and financial issues, and we have decades of experience on which to draw. By putting yourself in our hands, you’re guaranteeing that you’ll find out the truth, no matter how difficult it might be to hear.

The research, surveillance, and interview techniques we use are proven to get results. You can be certain we will only bring you back verifiable proof of any activity we assert took place. You’ll then decide how best to proceed based on the irrefutable evidence we provide.

To learn more about our services, contact us.