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Safeguard Your Teen’s Well-Being with Our Expert Teen Activity Check Investigations
As a parent, the safety and well-being of your child is your top priority, and navigating the challenges of adolescence can be daunting. Our private investigation company offers peace of mind by providing comprehensive Teen Activity Check investigations. Our experienced investigators work discreetly to ensure you have the information to make informed decisions about your teen’s welfare.

We understand parents’ concerns with their teenagers’ activities, such as substance abuse, negative peer influences, or risky behavior. Our skilled investigators utilize advanced techniques and technology to monitor and assess your child’s activities without invading their privacy. Our findings can offer invaluable insights, enabling you to take appropriate actions to protect your teen’s well-being.

By choosing our private investigation company, you can be confident that your child’s best interests are at the forefront of our efforts. We treat each case with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism, providing you with accurate and reliable information to support your parenting decisions. Let us assist you in ensuring the safety and well-being of your teenager, giving you the reassurance you need during this critical stage of their life.


Teen Activity Checks

Typical Costs $500 - $1,500

Rates $75 per hour, $0.79 per km

Reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses
$100 for the report, video, and photographs.

Often these types of cases involve surveillance. Our Costs of Hiring a Private Investigator for Surveillance article describes these factors in further detail, along with case study examples and guidance on minimizing costs.

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Typical Costs $500 - $3,000

These investigations involve the use of advanced open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigation techniques to gather information from a variety of online media.

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Typical Costs
$200 – $500 per interview

Factors influencing the total amount are the interview duration and location. All pricing will be discussed and agreed upon before we commence the service. Contact us for a tailored quote based on your specific needs.

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