5 Benefits of Private Investigator Lawyer Collaboration

Private Investigator Lawyer Collaboration While Shaking Hands in Court After Successfully Winning a Court Case

5 Benefits of Private Investigator Lawyer Collaboration for Your Case

Sitting in on a court case can be an extremely tense part of anyone’s life. It’s not just about winning a favorable outcome, it’s your peace of mind, your reputation, sometimes your future that’s on the line.

It’s natural to feel stretched thin and unsure about what else there is left to do to solidify your case. That’s why a private investigator lawyer team to take on your case will help the outcome. Here we’ve listed 5 of the benefits of finding one to help push for your desired outcome.

What can a private investigator do that a lawyer can’t? It’s a fair question. A lawyer is skilled at navigating the legal system, developing arguments, and advocating in court on your behalf. A private investigator, on the other hand, has a different set of tools to bring to your case. They investigate the details, observing through surveillance, analyzing electronic devices with digital forensics, questioning individuals who have pertinent information, and collecting tangible data that can tip legal battles in your favor. They are a crucial resource that help build your case on a foundation of firm evidence and incontestable truths.

Each of these benefits will be discussed in detail and we will also answer the most pressing questions that you might have about them. Since 1990 we have worked with law firms investigating cases in Vancouver, BC and the lower mainland, gathering supportive evidence to help their cases.

Benefit 1: Gain a Strategic Advantage for Your Case

Private Investigator Lawyer looking over paperwork for a strategic advantage in an upcoming court case.

In a courtroom, you are entering a battle of narratives: The one side versus the other. To win, you don’t want just a good lawyer to tell your side of the story, you want a strategy where you leave no room for doubt. This is where a private investigator comes in and works in tandem with your attorney to build a rock solid and convincing case.

Think of your attorney as a skilled chess player that is several moves ahead at all times. Now think of giving that player an overhead view of the board. That’s what a private investigator provides and since they provide your crucial information, they work to allow your attorney to help your legal strategy to hit harder, and more importantly, with real impact.

How this works is pretty simple: A private investigator goes deeper to find the facts that people miss. They can find witness or evidence that turns a good argument into a great one. This isn’t necessarily about finding the “smoking gun” every time; it’s often about putting together a mountain of details that support your claim and tells a complex, nuanced story of why you must win.

What’s also going on here, often, is a psychological warfare edge. You can send a strong message with a private investigator about how serious, how thorough, and how prepared you are to go to the mat over your claim — or your defense.

The strategic advantage you gain is incredibly important. It can be the difference between a resolution that just barely meets your needs and one that fully vindicates how much you are in the right.

Private Investigator Lawyer Reviewing a Client Case Files

You have a clear objective in your court case. You may be seeking to prove your innocence or to assert your rights when you feel like they have been violated. You may simply want to bring an end to a legal dispute so that you can go on with your life.

Regardless, your lawyer will work hard to translate this goal into a winning legal strategy. For this to happen, however, every last piece of evidence and every last witness statement needs to support your strategy, and this is where private investigator lawyer collaboration enters the fray.

Your lawyer knows the law inside and out. He or she knows from experience what arguments are likely to win the day with a judge or jury. Of course, they also need the right information to build the case.

A private investigator gathers evidence in a very different way. He or she is focused on finding the information that will support your legal strategy. This united effort makes your case much stronger and saves you from burning through your resources. It gets you that much closer to that desired outcome.

Benefit 3: Enhance Your Evidence Collection Efforts

Private Investigator Lawyer Obtaining Video Footage Evidence While Seated in a Surveillance Vehicle.

When it comes to any court case, evidence is king. The harder the evidence, the stronger your case. This is where a private investigator’s service truly comes into play, by ensuring your evidence collection is taken to the next level.

Rather than going at it alone or relying solely on your lawyer’s efforts, a private investigator has the right tools, experience, and persistence to uncover what might otherwise slip through the cracks.

For example, a private investigator can conduct surveillance to produce photographic or video evidence that corroborates your claims. They can employ digital forensics to extract, analyze, and preserve key data from computers and mobile devices that is central to your case.

A private investigator can query databases and records that aren’t casually accessible to the public but could contain information that changes your case significantly. Their talent at witness interviews can also result in new witnesses coming forward or provide you with an additional witness with which to substantiate your claims.

You could certainly gather some of this evidence on your own. The caliber and precision with which a professional attains key evidence, on the other hand, can be an unwavering game-changer in court. A private investigator knows how to garner, document, and preserve evidence that is legal and admissible in court, and sidestep avoidable traps that could degrade your case.

Hiring a private investigator may at first seem like an unnecessary expense. Their contribution to how evidence is collected, however, can be priceless. Their services bolster your lawyer’s endeavors and the collective power of your case, granting you a better opportunity at a positive end result.

Benefit 4: Locate Key Witnesses and Assets to Support Your Case

A private investigator discussing a background check

The right witness can turn your entire case around, as can that one piece of evidence you need. A private investigator can make the difference in these cases. As your attorney focuses on your legal strategy, your private investigator takes on the role of a master detective, tracking down the people and assets so important to your case.

Somewhere out there is someone who saw what happened — or who has the information you need. A private investigator has the resources to find people, even when they don’t want to be found, even if they’ve moved on the sly and changed their contact information. Your investigator can track these people down and find out what they know. That could be everything to your case.

Other cases may center on proving the existence or value of certain assets, whether they are property, bank accounts or other hidden or undervalued items. Your attorney may be able to subpoena some of these documents, but a private investigator can help uncover their existence and compile the evidence you need to make your case.

When you work with a private investigator, you’re not just hoping the right facts fall into your lap. You’re out there looking for them — and in the context of the law, that can mean the difference between a case won and a case lost.

Benefit 5: Leverage PI Testimony to Your Advantage

Private Investigator Lawyer Testifying Evidence in Court

Your case can be significantly advanced by having a private investigator stand in court and testify as to the evidence they have collected and the methods they have used – and for good reason. This testimony brings authenticity and reliability that written reports alone may not carry.

When a private investigator takes the stand, they aren’t just presenting evidence; they are recounting in vivid detail the process of the investigation. They can tell the court how they followed leads, conducted surveillance, and made sure that every action they took was above board. This first-person account goes a long way to dispelling doubts and questions as to whether the evidence is genuine, and whether the investigation was on the up and up.

Most importantly, this kind of testimony gives vibrancy to the evidence. It brings life to documents or photographs to create a narrative that can be understood and trusted by the judge and jury. It demonstrates that the evidence was not just sitting out somewhere, but rather that it was painstakingly unearthed by their professional expertise.

Just as important, their ability to explain their procedures can be critical when the other side argues that the evidence should not be admitted. Their testimony about precisely how the evidence was gathered and preserved can smooth the way for the judge to rule that the evidence was properly obtained and therefore meets the high threshold required for courtroom evidence. And their ability to do this often means that the judge and jury see your case in an entirely different light, – and in high stakes cases, that can make all the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns

You may have a few questions or concerns when it comes to hiring a private investigator to work with your attorney. You may be wondering about the cost, the process, and if it’s really necessary. Let’s start with some of those.

Isn’t hiring a private investigator expensive?

PI fees do vary, but you should also consider the cost as an investment in the outcome of your case. You will need to pay up front, but the value in the information and evidence a private investigator gets can greatly out way the expense by leading to a more favorable outcome for you.

Can’t my lawyer do all this for my case?

Your attorney is an expert in the law, but they may not have the time, or specific skill set to conduct surveillance and other types of investigations that a private investigator does for a living. It’s like adding a new talented player to your team with a different set of tools.

Is hiring a PI legal?

Yes, private investigators operate within specific legal boundaries collecting information. Keep in mind that they are experts in the often-confusing privacy, surveillance, and evidence laws, which ensures the information provided can be used in your case without fear of legal troubles.

Will using evidence obtained by a PI make me look bad?

Hiring a private investigator is a common and good decision in a legal setting. It shows that you are sincere in your case, and willing to do what must be done to ensure a just outcome. It’s not playing dirty but being thorough and prepared.

What if the private investigator doesn’t find anything useful?

Even if the PI doesn’t discover a “smoking gun”, they can still provide information that can strengthen your case, give you peace of mind, and leave no stone unturned.

Asking your lawyer if a PI could help your case, is the most important thing. It can ensure what evidence is gathered compliments other evidence they are collecting in line with your legal strategy to get the best possible outcome for your case.

Forming Your Private Investigator Lawyer Winning Team

An effective private investigator lawyer partnership is critical to winning cases with insufficient evidence to support your claims.

For individuals, it’s about protecting their rights, reputations, and in some cases, their freedom. For businesses, it’s about safeguarding their assets, brands, and future operations. It’s big stakes, and the outcomes of these legal battles have a lasting impact. The following steps will help you integrate this powerful team into your legal strategy.

Start by asking your lawyer about the potential of hiring a private investigator to gather information or evidence to support your case. Your lawyer knows your case inside and out, so they can provide insight into how the evidence collected by a private investigator will impact the case.

Ask your lawyer for recommendations of private investigators they’ve worked with in the past in your local area. This ensures you get a professional who is experienced and proven.

If your lawyer doesn’t have any recommendations, don’t worry; you can take your search online. Start by looking for a company that has experience gathering the type of evidence you need to support your case.

An online search for “private investigator” and your location will give you a list of companies offering services to the public sector in your local area. Review their credentials, check for customer satisfaction reviews, and make sure the company is affiliated with respected associations within the industry such the Professional Investigators’ Association of BC (PIABC).

Once you’ve found a potential private investigator, discuss your case, your objectives, and what evidence your lawyer believes would have the largest impact on the outcome of your case. Be clear with the private investigator about your budget, and what you’d like them to achieve. A good private investigator will be transparent with you about any fees you might incur throughout the investigation, and what can and cannot be achieved at the outset of the investigation.

Following these steps will move you from feeling stuck and overwhelmed, to being proactive and in control. With a skilled lawyer and a dedicated private investigator working together, you’re not just preparing for your day in court; you’re setting the stage for success.

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