Private Investigators Play Crucial Roles in Child Custody Cases

With the number of divorces on the rise every year, one thing many people overlook is child custody. Even when a marriage falls apart, most parents tend to want custody of their children. In fact, now more than ever, people are using a number of strategies when it comes to securing custody rights. One of the most important ways people are doing this is hiring a child custody investigator.

Divorce can be a bitter process. In some instances, one must pull out all the stops in order to guarantee custody. By employing a child custody investigator, you can collect and build evidence against the other parent. If all goes according to plan, the other parent will never know about this, and the information can be used in court. In addition, sometimes child custody investigators are hired by the courts themselves. Because a judge needs to witness how both parents interact with the child, an investigator may be assigned to observe both of them, acting as an independent party. An investigator is the judge’s eyes and ears.

A child custody investigator may use the same techniques and tools as a regular private detective. However, their job is focused on observing parent-child interaction. They will watch for things like neglect, physical or mental abuse, or just bad parenting in general. All of these things and more can be used to determine the outcome of the case.

Additionally, a child custody investigator is responsible for the overall welfare of the child or children. If a child is being mistreated in any which way, the investigator will report it. He or she investigates a child’s possible future. We should view the child custody investigator as a crucial role player in the case itself, the battle between parents and the child’s life.

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*Image courtesy of Oksana Kuzmina