Shadow Investigations and the End of the Affair

Infidelity, or cheating, has been a problem ever since people started coupling. Statistics show that more than half of those in committed relationships cheat. That is, unfortunately, a high number. So much for the infallibility of love, eh?

People cheat for a myriad for reasons, such as lack of passion, loneliness, desire to be treated better and so forth. There are those who cheat because of general unhappiness, but there are also those who cheat because of opportunity. If anything, men and women are opportunists. Regardless of the reasons why, cheating is a real possibility in any relationship, especially now that we are in an age of social media – Facebook, Twitter and a plethora of dating sites.

In the article, “Technology makes online cheating easier,” Mark Huffman of Consumer Affairs writes, “Let’s start with Facebook. The social networking site, with nearly a billion members, allows us to keep up with what our friends are doing. But it has also put us in touch with old friends from our past and provided a seemingly private, back-channel way to communicate with them.”

This makes sense, as talking and flirting online can beget an affair. Facebook – while for the most part a positive thing – is also a closet full of skeletons or, better yet, a field of old flames, each one ready to be rekindled. Technology has certainly changed the way we interact with friends, family and lovers. Cheating is at our fingertips. It is a recipe for certain disaster.

What begins on Facebook will eventually transition into the “real” world. If you have a gut feeling that something is wrong with your significant other, that he or she is spending too much time online, give us a call. Our experienced and dedicated team of investigators will help you discover the truth. In terms of an unfaithful spouse, we offer surveillance with video footage, vehicle GPS tracking device rentals, telephone number traces and lie detector testing.

Trust holds us together. It is unfortunate that cheating is a real possibility, but after all, we live in an interconnected world.

If you are in the Vancouver area and suspect your significant other may be up to something, contact the professionals at Shadow Investigations.

For the Consumer Affairs report, look here.

*Image courtesy of George Hodan