The Problem of Time Theft

There are situations that take place out of the office that often escape monitoring. At Shadow Investigations, one of our areas of expertise is employee monitoring outside an office. Many employees work at various sites or from home. Naturally, negative situations can arise, such as using company time for personal activities, working for a competitor, arriving to work late, leaving work early or committing theft from the company. Again, this will negatively affect any business from top to bottom.

Recently, we followed around a maintenance company employee throughout the day for a couple of weeks. This employee was abusing his job freedom and committing time theft. He had a work truck that he drove from worksite to worksite. We have video evidence of him coming in late, leaving early and doing several activities not related to work throughout the day.  Most unions will not back employees who commit time theft if there is clear evidence. Because of our investigation, the company had evidence of time theft and let him go.

At Shadow Investigations, we help all companies – whether it is a mom and pop or a giant corporation, especially if they have employees who have the freedom to move around. If you think your employees are being dishonest, give us a call at 604-696-2000 or email us at