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4 Signs That Your Teen May Be Using Drugs

Teen Surveillance PI in British Columbia

Every parent’s worst nightmare is discovering that their child is in danger. When they’re little, you can be there to protect them from the unfamiliar aspects of the world. As they get older and start learning about the world for themselves though, it’s much more difficult to always be sure of their safety. One of… Read more »

Should You Have Your Teen Followed?

Even if you only have one child entering his or her teenage years, parenting can be much more than a full-time job. It’s tough to keep track of what your child has been up to when you have your own cares and concerns to attend to. Although your children can start taking care of themselves… Read more »

Teen Surveillance in Vancouver

A child entering his or her teenage years will start to take on more independence. At some point, that means hanging out with friends and having a fun time, without parental supervision. While many teens deal with this responsibility in the right way, some act out in troubling ways, associating with other teens who may… Read more »