4 Signs That Your Teen May Be Using Drugs

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Every parent’s worst nightmare is discovering that their child is in danger. When they’re little, you can be there to protect them from the unfamiliar aspects of the world. As they get older and start learning about the world for themselves though, it’s much more difficult to always be sure of their safety.

One of the risks of natural teen curiosity and exploration is that they will begin experimenting with, and possibly get addicted to, drugs and/or alcohol. If you’re worried about your teen going down the path of substance abuse, be on the lookout for these signs of early drug use, so you know when to intervene!

1) Mood/Personality Changes

It’s normal for your child’s personality and expression of self to grow during adolescence. However, if your teen suddenly doesn’t seem like themselves anymore, this may be cause for concern. Acting withdrawn, angry, overly defensive, unusually elated, or otherwise exhibiting mood swings are all personality changes that can point to a drug problem.

2) Behavioral Abnormalities

Is your once studious teen suddenly flunking every class? Are they talking back more often or ignoring the rules of the house when they never would before? Noticeable and uncharacteristic changes in your teenager’s habits can indicate the beginnings of drug use. Keep an eye out especially for new secretive behaviors, such as hiding their phone, locking themselves in their room, avoiding eye contact, and disappearing inexplicably for long periods.

3) Social Life Shifts

Be observant of your teen’s relationships with you, other family members, and their friends. Hanging out with a new friend group isn’t necessarily abnormal for teenagers, but if they have suddenly stopped seeing friends you know and won’t introduce you to new ones, this may be a red flag. Other social changes to watch for is new isolation or disengagement from household members and if they’re no longer pursuing longtime interests and hobbies.

4) Physical Indicators

If your teen is falling into the rabbit hole of addiction, there will likely be physical signs of their drug use. These may be personality changes that manifest in their appearance, like deteriorated hygiene or dressing in a drastically different way. You may also notice physical symptoms, such as:

  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Bruises/unexplained marks on arms
  • Getting sick more often
  • Fatigue or unusually high energy
  • Sudden weight loss or gain

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