9 Steps to Hiring a Private Investigator

When dealing with a suspicious spouse or an unethical employee in the workplace, a professional and trustworthy private investigator is vital in uncovering the truth. They are the experts that can discreetly uncover the evidence you need that you wouldn’t be able to obtain yourself.

Here are the steps to hiring a private investigator in Vancouver, BC:

1. Verify their PI license

Verify word conceptThe title of “private investigator,” is not the only qualification you should rely on when hiring a PI.

A verified license means that the firm is recognized as a private investigator by the Solicitor General of British Columbia and that the evidence they obtain will be permissible in court. It also means that you are taking action in finding and obtaining data in a legal and safe manner, which is key.

You can verify a private investigator’s license here.

2. Check their standing in the PIABC

Look for a private investigator that is a member of the Professional Investigators’ Association of British Columbia (PIABC). This organization verifies that all its members have licensed credentials and ensures that each firm adheres to a code of ethics and responsible business practices that all PI firms must follow.

So, when you’re looking to hire a private investigator in Vancouver, BC, the PI Firm Directory will be one of the most beneficial tools to utilize. You are able to check the firm’s standing by searching through this directory, listing all certified members in British Columbia.

Shadow Investigations is not only a proud member of the PIABC, but also the World Association of Detectives. And in 1999, we became an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau of Greater Vancouver, boasting an A+ rating ever since.

3. Ensure experience

Experience in the field will be a great indicator of how successful and effective a PI firm can be.

We suggest conducting some research before hiring a private investigator in Vancouver so that you can determine what types of cases the firm has been involved in and what their background is.

Ask about their education and the technical skills they excel in to find out if they are a right fit for your needs. Ideally, you will want to hire a private investigator that can offer you examples of their work on similar cases and the results of each.

4. Evaluate their private investigation services

Detectives working together on an investigationWhether you’re facing a child custody battle or insurance fraud within your company, you need to be sure that the private investigator you hire is fully equipped with the services and surveillance techniques that need to be employed.

Are they able to conduct ethical surveillance for your infidelity case or have the capabilities to analyze data found on the web through online sources and social media platforms?

Understanding what techniques and investigative methods a private investigator can employ will help you determine if they are the right fit for the issue you are facing.

Surveillance, research, witness interviews, and other covert operations should be in a private investigator’s arsenal of techniques to uncover the evidence needed.

5. Confirm they have a physical office

First of all, the PI should have a physical office that their team works out of. Not only will this prove that the firm is organized and professional, it will also guarantee that you will be able to find them again after your initial meeting.

It may seem like a ridiculous thought, but you will find that some “private investigators” will opt to meet in a restaurant or other public space, a sign that it’s not the PI for you.

6. Meet with the private investigator

When you meet with the private investigator, take note of the rapport between the both of you. Did the private investigator listen attentively to your story and actively try to understand your situation? Did you feel comfortable and find the PI trustworthy?

Trusting your private investigator with your personal information is half the battle, after step one of the process of verifying their PI license. After your initial consultation, you will be able to decide if you feel comfortable with that private investigator and can start to take the next steps forward in your case.

7. Find out what information you’ll need to give

The private investigator will be able to determine what information and documentation they need from you in order to get started on your investigation. We suggest having any important documents regarding your case already compiled to avoid any delay in the process.

Be prepared to give a comprehensive background for the other parties being investigated, as well.

8. Chat about confidentiality

Confidential data with a private investigatorIt should go without saying, but a private investigator should work with confidentiality in mind. They are working with your personal information, interviewing and surveying other parties, and will most likely uncover data that involves you or people close to you.

Be sure to have a conversation about keeping all investigations discreet and respecting your private information.

9. Inquire about contracts & cost

Your initial consultation will be free of charge, but as you move forward, you should ask about the cost of services and a written agreement.

Since you will most likely be involved in a legal matter of some form when you hire a private investigator, it is essential to have the proper documentation accompanying your case. This will ensure that all evidence uncovered will be presented in court and that you receive the services you purchased.

Shadow Investigations has been in operation since 1990 with a team of elite private investigators in Vancouver, BC who have the experience, expertise, and equipment necessary to help you with your case.

We offer some of the most effective private investigative services to the Greater Vancouver area allowing us to obtain the evidence you need to take the next step in winning your case.

For a free consultation with one of our leading investigators, please give us a call at 604-657-4499 or drop us a line here.