From long-lost family members, suspicious spouses and wayward teens to employee background checks, fraud and insurance claim investigations, and with all our undercover operations, our private investigators deliver complete transparency with each case providing you with all the evidence you require to take the next step.

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Our Services Include:

Infidelity Investigations

Suspect your spouse may be unfaithful?  We can work with you to develop a tailored plan to uncover the truth through the use of surveillance, vehicle GPS tracking devices, telephone number traces, and/or lie detector examinations.  -Read More

Child Custody Investigations

Doubt the proper care of a minor when under the supervision of an ex-spouse, appointed caregiver, or someone you don’t know?  We understand how sensitive these investigations can be and will do everything we can to obtain the evidence you need for court purposes or police involvement.  -Read More

Insurance Fraud & WCB Investigations

Fraud is an ongoing concern for insurance companies.  Our investigations are conducted in an ethical manor understanding the need to strike an appropriate balance between the privacy concerns of individuals and the need to effectively counter fraud.  -Read More

Corporate & Workplace Investigations

The poor work ethic of dishonest employees could be costing your company money and damaging your reputation.  We can work with you obtain the evidence required to take action. -Read More

Missing Persons and Background Investigations

We employ a highly experienced team of background researchers and investigators for locating individuals and conducting background checks on persons of interest.  -Read More

Polygraph Testing

A polygraph examination tests verbal and physical responses such as breathing, galvanic skin response, and heart beat/blood pressure to a series of questions to determine if someone is being deceitful. -Read More

Additional Services

We offer several other services such as Due Diligence investigations, Electronic Bug Sweeps, Process Serving, Witness Interviews, and Computer and Smart Phone Forensics.  -Read More