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Risks of Hiring a Private Investigator

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Risks of Hiring a Private Investigator You might be at a point where you’re considering hiring a private investigator. You may be looking for answers that seem out of reach or a personal or business matter that needs a closer look. It’s a big step, and like you, many people turn to private investigators when… Read more »

Top 5 Private Investigation Theme Songs

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Top 5 Private Investigation Theme Songs Have you ever caught yourself humming a tune from a beloved detective show? Those theme songs, often overshadowed, are crucial in setting the mood for the mysteries and adventures we love. Today, we’re exploring the “Top 5 Private Investigation Theme Songs,” a mix of timeless classics and modern hits…. Read more »

What Can a Private Investigator Do and Not Do in Canada in 2024?

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What Can a Private Investigator Do and Not Do in Canada in 2024? Have you ever wondered what a private investigator can and cannot do in Canada?  Perhaps you’re considering hiring one, or you’re just curious about the mysteries and limitations of the profession. In this article, we’ll tackle the questions you may have and… Read more »

9 Steps to Hiring a Private Investigator

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When dealing with a suspicious spouse or an unethical employee in the workplace, a professional and trustworthy private investigator is vital in uncovering the truth. They are the experts that can discreetly uncover the evidence you need that you wouldn’t be able to obtain yourself. Here are the steps to hiring a private investigator in… Read more »

8 Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

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8 Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator Are you searching for truth, clarity, or peace of mind? You may be dealing with personal dilemmas, business concerns, or complex situations requiring more than surface-level understanding. Many people are unsure of the value and advantages to our services. In this article, we’re not just going to list… Read more »

The Many Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

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There may be a number of situations in your life where you need to find out information about a person, but you have no idea how to go about doing it. Regardless of the reason, trying to gather evidence and learn more about a person or a situation needs to be done in the proper… Read more »

Should You Have Your Teen Followed?

Even if you only have one child entering his or her teenage years, parenting can be much more than a full-time job. It’s tough to keep track of what your child has been up to when you have your own cares and concerns to attend to. Although your children can start taking care of themselves… Read more »

Mystery Shopping and Private Eyes

As a business owner, you want to make sure that all operations are running smoothly, even when you’re not there to oversee all of your employees. Even in small businesses, keeping track of 20 to 30 employees can be a cumbersome task. You might miss little details that are impeding workflow or even be unaware… Read more »

A Cheating Spouse, an Uncomfortable House

A cheating spouse can create a situation fraught with emotion and distrust. If a person suspects their significant other of cheating, they want clear answers right away. However, it can be tough to track down a cheater by yourself, especially when your spouse goes to great lengths to hide information from you. You may know… Read more »

Shadow Investigations and the End of the Affair

Infidelity, or cheating, has been a problem ever since people started coupling. Statistics show that more than half of those in committed relationships cheat. That is, unfortunately, a high number. So much for the infallibility of love, eh? People cheat for a myriad for reasons, such as lack of passion, loneliness, desire to be treated… Read more »