Mystery Shopping and Private Eyes

As a business owner, you want to make sure that all operations are running smoothly, even when you’re not there to oversee all of your employees. Even in small businesses, keeping track of 20 to 30 employees can be a cumbersome task. You might miss little details that are impeding workflow or even be unaware of worksite thefts.


Having an outside professional investigative service provide internal undercover operations can help you spot workplace issues or confirm any suspicions you may have about employee malfeasance. One type of internal undercover operation that has been growing in popularity during recent years is known as mystery shopping.


Mystery shopping involves the practice of hiring individuals to act as shoppers at a store or service facility with the intent of examining employee behavior without their knowledge that they’re being observed. These shoppers are informed by a company about the quality of service and the type of atmosphere that employees should be striving for. During their shopping excursion, mystery shoppers must be able to record how well employees at a business achieve these separate goals.

More and more businesses are seeing this as such an important service that there are those out there who can make a part time living just by acting as a mystery shopper for corporations. Many reputable brands have used mystery shoppers in the past, including BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Most businesses pay in cash, but some mystery shoppers also receive complimentary gifts from the company as well. In return, the business receives necessary information on issues in the work process and even evidence of employee wrongdoing, both of which can save a company thousands of dollars.


Making sure that your business is running smoothly is absolutely your business. For those in the Vancouver area, Shadow Investigations is uniquely situated to handle all of your mystery shopping needs. Let our trained professionals go undercover in your store today to make sure that your employees work for you and not the other way around.


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