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Costs of OSINT / Social Media Investigations in 2023 -SHADOW

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The Costs of OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) / Social Media Investigations in 2023 The world of open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigations can seem complex, especially when trying to understand the costs involved and the factors influencing these costs. For example, you might be wondering about the process, the expertise required, the reliability of the information obtained, and, crucially, why… Read more »

How Much Do Private Investigators Charge for Surveillance in 2024?

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The Costs of Hiring a Private Investigator for Surveillance in BC Are you considering hiring a private investigator for surveillance services and need clarification on the costs and the process? Perhaps your situation involves a potentially unfaithful partner, a complex child custody case, or suspected disability fraud. The necessity for the information may arise from… Read more »

Recognizing Warning Signs of a Troubled Teen

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Recognizing Warning Signs of a Troubled Teen Are you a parent or guardian feeling lost in the whirlwind of your teen’s changing behavior?  Have you noticed changes in their behavior that raise concerns, or perhaps you want to arm yourself with knowledge for the future?  Are you trying to distinguish typical teen moodiness from signs… Read more »

A Guide to OSINT and How It’s Utilized in Cyber Investigations

A Guide to OSINT and How Its Utilized in Cyber Investigations

Open-source intelligence, or OSINT, refers to any unclassified and free information found on the web. Sources for OSINT include: Social networks Forums Business websites Blogs Videos News sources Private investigators who understand how to navigate OSINT can help you track down information not easily found through the average search engine. Cybercrime and surveillance A person’s… Read more »

Should You Have Your Teen Followed?

Even if you only have one child entering his or her teenage years, parenting can be much more than a full-time job. It’s tough to keep track of what your child has been up to when you have your own cares and concerns to attend to. Although your children can start taking care of themselves… Read more »

Are You Suspicious of Your Spouse?

Adultery isn’t simply an issue experienced by the young and newly married. Even after years or decades of wedded bliss, there’s always the possibility that an affair could rear its ugly head. Here’s a classic song about cheating, courtesy of Lead Belly.     Typically, people think of older men as more likely to cheat… Read more »

Teen Surveillance in Vancouver

A child entering his or her teenage years will start to take on more independence. At some point, that means hanging out with friends and having a fun time, without parental supervision. While many teens deal with this responsibility in the right way, some act out in troubling ways, associating with other teens who may… Read more »

Child Custody Investigations Guide: Protecting What Matters Most

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Child Custody Investigations Guide: Protecting What Matters Most You may be here because you’re a parent who deeply cares about your child’s welfare. You may be in a child custody dispute or curious to understand better what a child custody investigation entails. You may have concerns about your child’s living situation or hear allegations that… Read more »